You tried everything under the sun to lose belly fat fast but with no luck? Have you tried dieting, exercise, fad diets, diet pills, etc.. ? Well, today I would like a proven method of weight loss diets that work time and time again to not only get rid of belly fat but to improve overall health. Take two minutes out of your busy day to read this article and learn more.

As I always tell my players, weight loss and fat loss happens in the kitchen. In order to lose the stubborn fat that you eat, when you eat and how you eat it is absolutely vital.

However, where most diets fail is teaching people to reduce their caloric intake dramatically. Which significantly reduces the number of calories will not help you lose weight. Why is that? Because eventually you will lose weight significantly reduce calories, you will eventually regain the weight right back. This is because you have caused your metabolism to slow down. When your body does not get the amount of calories, it is supposed to get, your metabolism will go into starvation mode. This means that your body will store the calories then you consume as fat. This is why diet pills and fat diets are strongly discouraged.

The best way to lose weight … and above all … keep it off, using a new diet system called calorie shifting. Calorie shifting handles normal daily routines of your body. This process will result in a significant boost to your metabolism. The end result is that you lose weight, lose belly fat … and keep it off permanently.

Lose 30 pounds and lose belly fat in four weeks using the calorie shifting diet.


If a balanced diet with the right intake of vitamins and diet are just essential for the proper functioning of our body, it is advisable to do a fast time to time to clean the body of toxins that can clog.

But, do not fast and no matter how fast is long, it must be better prepared.

Fasting: good or bad for health?

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What is fasting?
Fasting is a period shorter or longer – from 1 day to several weeks – where you stop eating and drinking.
A personal habit of healthy living: this is the case, when we want to clean our body of its excess;

It may also have a religious purpose: the fast of Lent for Christians or Ramadan for Muslims.

Ramadan fasting is not to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for one lunar month. The Lenten fast is to restrict his diet during the 40 days before Easter, fasting is more pronounced Friday. Formerly, Lent meant severe restrictions on meats, sugars, etc… And now Lent is less and less strict monitoring and the choice of deprivation remains free.
The phenomenon of autolysis (self-absorption) is for the body to dip into its reserves:

It will fetch in the “secondary” substances, which are not essential to the body;

by a kind of phenomenon of internal combustion, toxins and all that is in excess will be purified through eliminative parts of the body: the excretory organs (kidneys, lungs, skin, liver and intestines ).

How fasted?

On a more hygienic and non religious point of view, fasting for therapeutic purposes must prepare.

If you’ve never practiced, it is first necessary to contact a doctor or naturopath to ensure that your health allows. It is indeed not advisable to fast when one is ill or pregnant.

You must then follow the three main phases of fasting:

Preparation of the entry in the fasting period;
Fasting period itself;

output fast or how to get a normal diet, which must of course be gradually reintroducing foods in a specific order.


Exclusions diets to lose weight

An exclusion diet, as its name suggests, is to ban completely or partly from its supply of well-defined types to other foods. If multiple versions exist, this kind of low-calorie diet is often because there is a reduction in energy and high protein intake to promote foods high in protein to accept their excesses. This method follows a basic principle to lose weight because in order to lose weight, you should start by eating less. It is therefore quite natural that exclusion diet is effective for weight loss in a relatively short period of time.

It should be noted the special nature of exclusion diets when they are particularly recommended by doctors as part of medical treatment. The principle is not the same as restrictions vary depending on the health of each person. Thus, a person with severe allergies should avoid eating all the food at the source of the problem, as an asthmatic should take away some food. For these people, this is very much a medical necessity which obliges them to adopt a restrictive diet. In these cases, it is referred to foreclosure plans because they involve a lot more to prevent a disease than to diminish the nutritional intake.

Most common exclusions diets

You will find below the most common exclusions plans. We’ll talk including the Mayo method, the Atkins diet and Hollywood diet.

Mayo method

Mayo diet is a low calorie diet that prohibits starches, legumes, sweets, dairy products and fats. Instead of these foods, proteins are preferred (fish, meat and eggs) with three meals a day. The diet lasts 14 days for a loss of weight of 5 to 7 pounds. During this diet, it is particularly recommended if allowed to consume a lot of eggs, up to 6 per day. In fact, eggs are rich in protein but low in calories.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins method somewhat resembles the Mayo method, because it excludes the same types of foods namely starch, sugar and dairy products except cheese. Fats are however permitted provided they are consumed in very small quantities. Cereals, bread, pasta, rice and pulses are also part of the food that should be avoided. In short, the plan is to ban all foods rich in carbohydrates and therefore sugar.

The Hollywood diet

The Hollywood diet is called as because it is a very popular diet that is adopted by stars of cinema. It is to adopt an exclusive diet of fruits. The most popular in the material fruits are grapefruit, pineapple, papaya and watermelon. This plan seems simple to make because it limits or the amount consumed and frequency of “meal”. Just in a week, the weight loss can be dramatic: some dieters come easily to lose ten pounds in record time. However, this diet can lead to serious deficiencies and should not be followed on successive days. In addition, the stop system does not leave the shelter of a resumption of significant weight.

Exclusions diets, risky diets

The risks associated with exclusions diets are not to be taken lightly. They can give rise to significant deficiencies. In addition, a significant recovery of weight is not ruled out.

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Plans to lose weight fast

These types of diets are most popular for their rapid effects. Some allow a weight loss of up to 8 pounds in one month plan. They need to be followed over a relatively limited time because, as the food is reduced, they can cause deficiencies. Any diet should be followed by a stabilization phase to avoid regaining weight after stopping the diet.

Dissociated diets

Dissociated diets consist of consuming only one type of food or for a few days. Here is an example of a dissociated diet over a week:

– Monday: eat only meat

– Tuesday: eat only vegetables

– Wednesday: eat only dairy

– Thursday: eat only fruit

– Friday: eat only fish

– Saturday: eat only cheese

– Sunday only consume eggs

There are still other types of dissociated diets such as the Hollywood diet that requires a system based only on fruits for 10 days. Mayo diet favors the consumption of hard eggs at every meal. The high fiber diet promotes the consumption of fiber (fruit, vegetable or grain) to decrease appetite. The Atkins diet recommends removing all carbs to eat only fat and protein. The protein diet and Dunkan diet that inspires, advocate eating foods rich in protein such as lean meat, dairy products and vegetables. On the other hand, all foods rich in fat and sugar are banned. It should be noted that proteins help lose fat while maintaining muscle.

Plans to slower effects

With these plans, the results are less obvious with a weight loss average of 1 to 2 pounds per month. However, the risk of regaining weight after the diet is largely lower.



Basics of Detox Diet

We can start this diet after the holidays, as a result of the festive period there is a tendency to abuse the calorie dishes. The detox diet is therefore used to cleanse the body by eliminating toxins. This diet focuses on helping those who have binge on alcohol and high fat foods.

Benefits of Detox Diet

In fact, the detox diet has many benefits. This can help people who suffer from a hormonal imbalance, excessive fatigue, muscle pain and memory problems. The detox diet focuses on vitamins and plant extracts to have a draining effect, which dramatically improves the water retention problems. To start a detox diet, it really needs water, teas bases of plants, and fruit and vegetables in abundance. However, you should avoid all carbonated or alcoholic beverages during diet. It is also important to note that you should never do a detox diet more than fourteen days.

Start the detox diet

The detox diet is divided into three parts. The first step prepares the body for the system and drains toxins. The second set of starches, and the third step entered the system with the reintroduction of protein and fat.

First step: fruits and vegetables

During the first three days of the diet, you should eat only raw vegetables, fruits, water or herbal tea. Meats, dairy products and starches are absolutely to be avoided. For example, you can follow this pattern for the first three days of the detox diet: fruit salad at will and tea for breakfast, a big plate of different vegetables for lunch and salad for dinner. If you’re hungry between meals, you can eat as much fruit, vegetables, herbal tea and water is desired. By cons, it should not be abused on fruits such as avocados and bananas that are very heat. As can be seen, the first three days are not easy. However, it is during this phase of the detox diet as the body eliminates most toxins and preparing for the coming days. Note that you need to rest for three days and so avoid physical activity during this time. During these three days, we can have a significant weight loss of up to five pounds. However, we must know that it is a waste of water and toxins: the real weight loss begins after three days.

Second step: starchy and dairy

Following the first three days, you can gradually begin to introduce starches and dairy products in the diet. For now, avoid meat and instead favor foods such as milk, yogurt, and slices of brown bread or brown rice. Of course, we must continue to consume as much raw vegetables and fruits to burn toxins and fats. This step starches, dairy products and vegetables can last for four days. Examples of what you can eat during the four days:

– Breakfast: you have the choice between fruit yoghurt, brown bread, and fruit juice, cereal with corn and fruit salad.

– Lunch: you can choose between brown rice along with vegetables, two slices of brown bread with salad, dairy products.

– Diner: You have a choice between a mixed salads, salad with two slices of brown bread, a small portion of pasta salad.

– During these four days, you can eat vegetables at will, but do not abuse the starches. Then we can move to the final stage of the plan and begin the gradual introduction of meat and very little fat.