The Chronic Diet: Sculpt the Silhouette by Eating


Overview Chrononutrition

According to Chrononutrition, the biological rhythm of the body has a direct influence on food. For example, studies carried out by experts of this scheme have shown that the human body quickly absorbs carbohydrates when they are consumed in the morning. Throughout the day, reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and in the evening, the body no longer promotes absorption. Therefore, the chronic diet allows eating anything, but in some specific times. If we eat foods high in fat in the morning, for example, the body absorbs the fat and does not grow. By cons, if these foods are consumed in the evening, they are likely to gain weight. Indeed, Chrononutrition improves digestion because the food is consumed at times when it can be easily digested by the body.

Online Chrononutrition

To facilitate the diet, motivate people and share tips, several websites are dedicated to Chrononutrition. Some are paid sites where you have to subscribe to access tailor-made programs. For example, these sites offer “Starter” programs or “Comfort” to start chronic diet. The Comfort program promotes weight loss slow enough to help the person develop his own pace. On the other hand, put on a pretty drastic weight loss, especially in the first 4 weeks Starter program and the person can then continue with the program Comfort. In addition, Chrononutrition sites offer menus to suit the silhouette of a person, recipes, food tables, tips and forum among others. The advantage of taking online Chrononutrition is that we have less risk of getting discouraged.


The principle of Chrononutrition

According to the principle of Chrononutrition weight loss food plan, you have to let the body adjust to the food consumed in the day. Food consumed at the appropriate time provides much more benefits to the body without slowing metabolism. Therefore, the body uses these foods to produce energy instead of storing them as fat. For Chrononutrition, a restriction on food is not the solution to lose weight. If we follow Chrononutrition weight loss food plan we must eat a lot in the morning and less in the day. Some recommend avoiding dinner while others opt for a light dinner as fresh vegetables or lean fish. Note that if you follow chronic diet you must definitely eat at fixed times and then we can plan meals in advance.

What should you eat for a chronic diet?

We can eat anything, as long as it respects the principle of biological clock in the morning and eat a lot less during the day and very little at night. Here is an example of food that can be eaten for a chronic diet:

– For breakfast, choice of bread with butter and cheese, bacon and eggs, maybe a croissant and dairy or even pancakes with hot chocolate would not hurt

– For lunch, you have the choice between pasta and salad or 280g of lean meat and vegetables or bread and ham.

– For tea, make the choice between 5 squares of chocolate, fruit (dried or fresh), or yogurt.

– For dinner (optional lunch), choose between white fish and vegetables or a big salad.