Most known diets to lose weight


The Weight Watchers method

The Weight Watchers method has proven since the 1960s in the United States. This method is based on six principles:

– Eat a balanced diet in reasonable diet,

– Drink plenty of water,

– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, 5 servings per day,

– Eat enough dairy products, 2 servings per day,

– Reduce the consumption of fat,

– Play sports.

The Weight Watchers method is not prohibited foods or food groups, but it is usually accompanied by group meetings.

The Okinawa diet

The inhabitants of the Japanese island consists of 1.27 million people have a life expectancy longer than the average. This has been studied by scientists who concluded that this phenomenon is the result of a balanced and nutritious diet. The outline defining the diet of the people of Okinawa

– Not eating until full satiety;

– Focus on foods rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories;

– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at 7 servings per day;

– Eat plenty of cereals and dried vegetables, also 7 servings per day;

– Do not drink alcohol, or very little;

– Reduce the amount of salt and sugar in food;

– Eat fish three times a week;

– Low consumption of foods of animal origin such as meat and dairy products;

– Focus on plant proteins;

– Drink plenty of water, including tea.

The Cretan diet

The Mediterranean diet also promotes weight loss. In addition, it helps prevent diseases and cancers. The Mediterranean diet is based on two main rules:

– A diet low in animal fat;

– A diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

In addition, certain foods are removed but replaced by more nutritious equivalent and without bad effects:

– Butter or margarine is replaced by olive oil;

– The sugar is replaced with honey;

– Red meats are replaced by white meat;

– Cow’s milk is replaced by goat’s milk or sheep.