Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight


Overweight and unconscious

The statistics are nowadays more and more revealing about the increasing number of victims of obesity and overweight. Nearly 30% of adults are affected by this issue as a few million children.

The risks and causes of overweight

Being overweight can cause various diseases and some of them can even be fatal. In fact, the fat that accumulates in the walls of blood vessels are often the cause of some heart disease and stroke. These fats can also cause osteoarthritis and some cancers such as colon, breast and endometrial. If these diseases are physically painful, victims of obesity and overweight may also be affected psychologically. However, the accumulation of fat and weight gain is not always remark on time. The causes of this disorder are many to name:

– Poor food hygiene

– Disorders of eating behavior such as anorexia or bulimia

– Genetic problems

– Dysfunctions of the endocrine glands.

The links between overweight and unconscious

However, it is that psychology plays an important role in the problem of excess weight. Unconsciously, people suffering from obesity or overweight are themselves the cause of this type of disorder. Stress and problems of daily life indeed cause an imbalance leading to a feeling of emptiness in humans. But this imbalance is not felt the same way from one person to another. Some people find refuge in the use of various drugs, while other prefers to eat for a sense of fullness and well-being. And thus creates a vicious circle, since snacking easily become an addiction and the person begins to gain weight easily. Overweight then leads to a feeling of guilt and social embarrassment that will become a feeling of emptiness once again leading the victim to consume and so on.

The secrets of weight loss with hypnosis

Many methods have been developed by leading researchers around the world to reach the end of the overweight problem. But usually the victims of such a disorder resumed within a short time the pounds they lost. The reason is that psychologically, they were not prepared for such a change.