How to lose weight quickly


Diet is different for men and women. In fact women naturally have more fat than men. This is due to the fact that women give life and should have plenty of energy in reserve (read fat), to avoid problems of undernourishment in the developing child during pregnancy. It is natural for a woman to be a little plump.

It will be more difficult for a woman to lose weight because your body will not agree. As a woman, you are somewhat at a disadvantage compared to male sex. This does not mean that it is impossible to lose weight. Many women maintain a weight slightly below average without much effort.

You have to make more effort than a man to lose weight, then it is important that you to focus your efforts in the right place.

Lose weight in the long term means that you both want to lose weight, but also maintain your new weight. In other words, you want to live in another body. Habits current lives you have brought the body you have today. The body is a reflection of his lifestyle. To change your body, change your habits gradually.

In weight loss, the most important factor is diet. When you overeat, the body stores the excess energy as fat. Instead when you do not eat enough your body uses fat as energy to function throughout the day. To lose weight, reduce the volume of their diet enough. The sport is secondary (I’ll explain in more detail why and how a little further down this page).

You have not grown overnight, so do not expect to lose overnight either. Weight loss is slow. You will have more weight to lose and you will lose fat quickly. In general, for a person under 10kg to lose, it is considered possible to lose up to 2kg of fat per month. If you lose weight quickly is that it is not fat.

Weight loss is slow. So it is important to keep in the long term. The motivation is not inexhaustible. I myself experienced when I lost my 25kg of excess fat. If we overestimate their ability, it usually ends up dropping a few days. To lose weight when you’re a woman, you must first save his motivation, and be consistent in its efforts.

Forget the diets that make you completely change your diet overnight. There is a good chance that you give up quickly. Opt for very discrete changes but remain anchored in your habits. For example, if you regularly drink soda, try to change this habit to drink more water. In 2 or 3 weeks, you will get progressively reduce and eliminate soda from your meals.

Be aware of the energy in your food. For example, a bowl of rice (starch) contains 300 calories, while a bowl of lentils (legume) contains 150, and a bowl of spinach (vegetables) contains 40. To reduce the energy in your meals, reduce a little from starchy foods, and increase the share of vegetables / legumes. No need to overdo it, but now this change in your habits.

Also increase the amount of protein you eat every day. It is very healthy to eat protein, as it does not fall into the excess (as in all). For example, you can eat a protein with each main meal (lunch and dinner) without any risk to your health. Choose from: egg, meat (preferably white), fish, or dairy. Protein helps to feel satisfied.

Fats are also very good for health and also help them feel satisfied. Eat good fats (fatty fish, uncooked vegetable oils) and fewer “bad” fats are not harmful but less good for your health (red meat, animal fat in general). Do not fall into the trap of not eat any fatty food: it does not work. Just stay reasonable.