Homemade slimming to melt belly fat


Despite plans to lose weight and exercises to lose weight, it is possible that the mirror is relentless; a photo in a swimsuit does not give the result you were hoping to see. If you do not manage to reduce stomach fat, before resorting to liposuction, this homemade recipe for a slimming cream can be the ideal solution to reduce abdominal fat. Try and see.

If you have extra pounds, it is best that you opted for homemade remedies for weight loss, among them you will find great ideas for infusions and juices to lose weight, but also food, plants and fruit that will help you to lose weight. Not to regressed, do not give up the exercises recommended, however, if it continues, if the belly fat will not melt, try this homemade recipe slimming.
Homemade recipe for slimming cream
1 tablespoon white iodine for external use
Body cream sufficiently consistent

Added to the flask body cream iodine and mix until smooth texture.

Apply this simplistic cream before bed, on the area you wish thin.
Wraps the area with a cloth and let stand for overnight.