How to lose belly fast

The problem is that if you want to lose belly fat quickly and efficiently, there are no simple, quick and easy solutions. Everyone has a different body and every individual will need a quite different approach to achieve its objectives, that is to say slim belly as quickly and efficiently as possible.
That being said, there are some general rules to follow to lose belly fat quickly, you are a man or a woman, athlete or not, big or small, etc…
Here are three rules that I consider crucial for anyone wishing to lose weight quickly and effectively of the belly:


1 – Eat plenty of fruits
You’ve heard, you have to eat “five fruits or vegetables a day.” In fact, if you want to slim of the belly really quickly and permanently, you’d better eat more than 5 per day! I often recommend 10 servings a day because it is doable if you are serious and really want to lose weight quickly and well the tummy while having consequences for impressive results on your body. Try doing that for two weeks and see the difference on your energy, your body, your belly. See how you become a more attractive person, and how more and more people look at you in the street. Find the numbers on the scale as well. See how your belly slimmed a record speed. In short, eat more fruit and you will lose stomach very quickly and efficiently, whether you are a sportsman or not, man or woman.

2 – Drink lots of water
Your body is made to 70% of water. Your needs a lot of water to function properly, and if your body is not functioning optimally, it begins to catch diseases and store fat because their metabolism is slowed. The majority of the current population is dehydrated. Most people do not drink enough water and this is largely the reason why most people are over-weight. If you want to slim the stomach quickly and well, drink more water.

3 – Get plenty of sleep
Most people do not drink enough water, but do not sleep enough. The less you sleep, the more you store fat and you get fat of the belly, because your metabolism needs a big dose of sleep to function well. In addition, when you’re sleep deprived, you feel bad, and you compensate by eating more unhealthy foods that typically will make you fat (sweets, cola, chips, or food and fatty foods which grow rapidly). So if you want to lose weight quickly and well stomach, sleep more.