The Different Types of Dieting

Healthy food pyramide on the white background

Plans to lose weight fast

These types of diets are most popular for their rapid effects. Some allow a weight loss of up to 8 pounds in one month plan. They need to be followed over a relatively limited time because, as the food is reduced, they can cause deficiencies. Any diet should be followed by a stabilization phase to avoid regaining weight after stopping the diet.

Dissociated diets

Dissociated diets consist of consuming only one type of food or for a few days. Here is an example of a dissociated diet over a week:

– Monday: eat only meat

– Tuesday: eat only vegetables

– Wednesday: eat only dairy

– Thursday: eat only fruit

– Friday: eat only fish

– Saturday: eat only cheese

– Sunday only consume eggs

There are still other types of dissociated diets such as the Hollywood diet that requires a system based only on fruits for 10 days. Mayo diet favors the consumption of hard eggs at every meal. The high fiber diet promotes the consumption of fiber (fruit, vegetable or grain) to decrease appetite. The Atkins diet recommends removing all carbs to eat only fat and protein. The protein diet and Dunkan diet that inspires, advocate eating foods rich in protein such as lean meat, dairy products and vegetables. On the other hand, all foods rich in fat and sugar are banned. It should be noted that proteins help lose fat while maintaining muscle.

Plans to slower effects

With these plans, the results are less obvious with a weight loss average of 1 to 2 pounds per month. However, the risk of regaining weight after the diet is largely lower.