Overview Chrononutrition

According to Chrononutrition, the biological rhythm of the body has a direct influence on food. For example, studies carried out by experts of this scheme have shown that the human body quickly absorbs carbohydrates when they are consumed in the morning. Throughout the day, reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and in the evening, the body no longer promotes absorption. Therefore, the chronic diet allows eating anything, but in some specific times. If we eat foods high in fat in the morning, for example, the body absorbs the fat and does not grow. By cons, if these foods are consumed in the evening, they are likely to gain weight. Indeed, Chrononutrition improves digestion because the food is consumed at times when it can be easily digested by the body.

Online Chrononutrition

To facilitate the diet, motivate people and share tips, several websites are dedicated to Chrononutrition. Some are paid sites where you have to subscribe to access tailor-made programs. For example, these sites offer “Starter” programs or “Comfort” to start chronic diet. The Comfort program promotes weight loss slow enough to help the person develop his own pace. On the other hand, put on a pretty drastic weight loss, especially in the first 4 weeks Starter program and the person can then continue with the program Comfort. In addition, Chrononutrition sites offer menus to suit the silhouette of a person, recipes, food tables, tips and forum among others. The advantage of taking online Chrononutrition is that we have less risk of getting discouraged.


The principle of Chrononutrition

According to the principle of Chrononutrition weight loss food plan, you have to let the body adjust to the food consumed in the day. Food consumed at the appropriate time provides much more benefits to the body without slowing metabolism. Therefore, the body uses these foods to produce energy instead of storing them as fat. For Chrononutrition, a restriction on food is not the solution to lose weight. If we follow Chrononutrition weight loss food plan we must eat a lot in the morning and less in the day. Some recommend avoiding dinner while others opt for a light dinner as fresh vegetables or lean fish. Note that if you follow chronic diet you must definitely eat at fixed times and then we can plan meals in advance.

What should you eat for a chronic diet?

We can eat anything, as long as it respects the principle of biological clock in the morning and eat a lot less during the day and very little at night. Here is an example of food that can be eaten for a chronic diet:

– For breakfast, choice of bread with butter and cheese, bacon and eggs, maybe a croissant and dairy or even pancakes with hot chocolate would not hurt

– For lunch, you have the choice between pasta and salad or 280g of lean meat and vegetables or bread and ham.

– For tea, make the choice between 5 squares of chocolate, fruit (dried or fresh), or yogurt.

– For dinner (optional lunch), choose between white fish and vegetables or a big salad.


The Weight Watchers method

The Weight Watchers method has proven since the 1960s in the United States. This method is based on six principles:

– Eat a balanced diet in reasonable diet,

– Drink plenty of water,

– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, 5 servings per day,

– Eat enough dairy products, 2 servings per day,

– Reduce the consumption of fat,

– Play sports.

The Weight Watchers method is not prohibited foods or food groups, but it is usually accompanied by group meetings.

The Okinawa diet

The inhabitants of the Japanese island consists of 1.27 million people have a life expectancy longer than the average. This has been studied by scientists who concluded that this phenomenon is the result of a balanced and nutritious diet. The outline defining the diet of the people of Okinawa

– Not eating until full satiety;

– Focus on foods rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories;

– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at 7 servings per day;

– Eat plenty of cereals and dried vegetables, also 7 servings per day;

– Do not drink alcohol, or very little;

– Reduce the amount of salt and sugar in food;

– Eat fish three times a week;

– Low consumption of foods of animal origin such as meat and dairy products;

– Focus on plant proteins;

– Drink plenty of water, including tea.

The Cretan diet

The Mediterranean diet also promotes weight loss. In addition, it helps prevent diseases and cancers. The Mediterranean diet is based on two main rules:

– A diet low in animal fat;

– A diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

In addition, certain foods are removed but replaced by more nutritious equivalent and without bad effects:

– Butter or margarine is replaced by olive oil;

– The sugar is replaced with honey;

– Red meats are replaced by white meat;

– Cow’s milk is replaced by goat’s milk or sheep.



Meal replacements

Losing weight has become a real concern for women as for men. To do this, a slimming diet “safe” is essential, as is the case of diet meal replacement. If you want to get rid of annoying little bulges beyond your clothes, it is now possible with the diet of meal replacements. No need to skip meals to offset the hollow after eating at will, what would you do gain a few pounds more. Indeed, a meal replacement is a slimming diet of protein for people who want to lose weight quickly.

The principle of the system

Calorie diet, diet meal replacement based on the principle of control, in particular to reduce the calories of foods we eat daily. However, meal replacements have role to replace meals as well as snacks for small snacks and become indispensable in a day. Note that this diet is balanced and reflects a consistent level of calories, so it quickly facilitates the loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week during the treatment.

Balanced food

It is important to know that meal replacements can take many forms in the market, particularly in powder, liquid or bars. However, nutritionists strongly recommend dieters to accompany the meal replacement is a fruit, vegetables, or dairy products. By cons, make a cross on the stodgy foods like foods made from flour. But whatever form they take, meal replacements are mainly in portions contain:


– 180-300 calories

– From 12 to 20 g protein

– 0 to 10 g fat

– 10 to 40 g of carbohydrates

– 0 to 3 g of fiber

The pros and cons of diet meal replacement

Of their origin, meal replacements have emerged in hospitals facilitating feeding sick and hospitalized. The latter unable to swallow solid food, could eat normally through the meal replacements and thus heal quickly. However, the diet meal replacements are both advantages and disadvantages it is important to know.

The benefits of meal replacement diet

Remember that meal replacements are perfectly balanced. Thus, they are suitable for anyone with a weight problem. Because once this plan is followed, the weight loss will be quickly visible since it can lose up to 1 pound per week. By ease, meal replacements are no longer to prepare and can be eaten at any time of day.

The disadvantages of this type of diet

Although the benefits are those that concern many people, unfortunately there are disadvantages to this type of plan

– Any excess is a failure because by dint eat only these meal replacements may be sick

– The taste is medium, and then the monotony settles

– The feeling of being hungry all the time field persists

– Isolation from the family at each meal is annoying

– Increased appetite is enormous once ideal weight is reached; we tend to eat to satiety without knowing when to stop


Overweight and unconscious

The statistics are nowadays more and more revealing about the increasing number of victims of obesity and overweight. Nearly 30% of adults are affected by this issue as a few million children.

The risks and causes of overweight

Being overweight can cause various diseases and some of them can even be fatal. In fact, the fat that accumulates in the walls of blood vessels are often the cause of some heart disease and stroke. These fats can also cause osteoarthritis and some cancers such as colon, breast and endometrial. If these diseases are physically painful, victims of obesity and overweight may also be affected psychologically. However, the accumulation of fat and weight gain is not always remark on time. The causes of this disorder are many to name:

– Poor food hygiene

– Disorders of eating behavior such as anorexia or bulimia

– Genetic problems

– Dysfunctions of the endocrine glands.

The links between overweight and unconscious

However, it is that psychology plays an important role in the problem of excess weight. Unconsciously, people suffering from obesity or overweight are themselves the cause of this type of disorder. Stress and problems of daily life indeed cause an imbalance leading to a feeling of emptiness in humans. But this imbalance is not felt the same way from one person to another. Some people find refuge in the use of various drugs, while other prefers to eat for a sense of fullness and well-being. And thus creates a vicious circle, since snacking easily become an addiction and the person begins to gain weight easily. Overweight then leads to a feeling of guilt and social embarrassment that will become a feeling of emptiness once again leading the victim to consume and so on.

The secrets of weight loss with hypnosis

Many methods have been developed by leading researchers around the world to reach the end of the overweight problem. But usually the victims of such a disorder resumed within a short time the pounds they lost. The reason is that psychologically, they were not prepared for such a change.

Some people tend to accumulate more abdominal fat than others. We note that some people can eat ice cream all day without taking a single centimeter in the abdomen while for another it does not take much.how-to-lose-fat-on-your-belly-300x198

Note that this phenomenon is mainly due to genetic causes and that men are more affected than women, although pregnancy can cause it in those large distensions around the navel, which are characterized by the installation of large stretch marks and wrinkles. There is unfortunately no magic formula or pill that can be taken pure lose fat at the waist. However with a little exercise and a diet tailored especially based foods burn fat, and limiting consumption of calories, and eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fish, eggs, white meats and dairy products low in fat. We can fight against these forms unsightly.

10 Tips for removing fat :
1. Start eating whole foods. Junk food contains too much sodium, fat, sugar and processed carbohydrates. Remove all food from your kitchen.

2. Start the day with an hour of exercise: The exercise helps burn calories and fat and accelerate metabolism. Exercise in the morning can burn stored fat instead of calories.

3. Eliminate the bad carbs: Our body needs good carbohydrates such as potatoes, brown rice, vegetables, whole grains and fruits to function properly. The bad carbs, like white flour products and sugar-rich foods are not nutritious. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy, only if they are not burned (consumed) they increase insulin levels and slows the metabolism and the body begins to store energy as fat.
4. Avoid alcohol because it has no nutritional value and is immediately stored as fat. Of course we cannot deny everything so drink in moderation.

5. Eat enough, because when you are hungry your body metabolism and thus saves is slow. Instead, take small meals and snacks throughout the day to avoid falling into this trap.

6. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese without fat. Nutritionists recommend consuming three or four servings of skim or low-fat per day. The calcium in these products also helps keep bones strong.

7. The foods high in soluble fiber can help burn fat. Oats helps the body reduce cholesterol and get rid of toxins and makes you feel full. It is better to eat breakfast for a great source of energy for the day. Beans and whole grains, such as some bread are also a good source of fiber.

8. Replace butter and vegetable oils of olive oil can help burn fat at the waist. In addition it helps to lower cholesterol and fat.

9. Many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, broccoli, carrots, apples and blueberries contain vitamins that prevent the absorption of fat by the body.

10. Drink green tea to eliminate belly fat

In some cases, you must go through an operation. Cosmetic surgeons are accustomed to speak of “tummy tucks” as there are different techniques to fix damaged bellies and remove excess fat, sagging skin or muscle in the abdominal wall.


Diet is different for men and women. In fact women naturally have more fat than men. This is due to the fact that women give life and should have plenty of energy in reserve (read fat), to avoid problems of undernourishment in the developing child during pregnancy. It is natural for a woman to be a little plump.

It will be more difficult for a woman to lose weight because your body will not agree. As a woman, you are somewhat at a disadvantage compared to male sex. This does not mean that it is impossible to lose weight. Many women maintain a weight slightly below average without much effort.

You have to make more effort than a man to lose weight, then it is important that you to focus your efforts in the right place.

Lose weight in the long term means that you both want to lose weight, but also maintain your new weight. In other words, you want to live in another body. Habits current lives you have brought the body you have today. The body is a reflection of his lifestyle. To change your body, change your habits gradually.

In weight loss, the most important factor is diet. When you overeat, the body stores the excess energy as fat. Instead when you do not eat enough your body uses fat as energy to function throughout the day. To lose weight, reduce the volume of their diet enough. The sport is secondary (I’ll explain in more detail why and how a little further down this page).

You have not grown overnight, so do not expect to lose overnight either. Weight loss is slow. You will have more weight to lose and you will lose fat quickly. In general, for a person under 10kg to lose, it is considered possible to lose up to 2kg of fat per month. If you lose weight quickly is that it is not fat.

Weight loss is slow. So it is important to keep in the long term. The motivation is not inexhaustible. I myself experienced when I lost my 25kg of excess fat. If we overestimate their ability, it usually ends up dropping a few days. To lose weight when you’re a woman, you must first save his motivation, and be consistent in its efforts.

Forget the diets that make you completely change your diet overnight. There is a good chance that you give up quickly. Opt for very discrete changes but remain anchored in your habits. For example, if you regularly drink soda, try to change this habit to drink more water. In 2 or 3 weeks, you will get progressively reduce and eliminate soda from your meals.

Be aware of the energy in your food. For example, a bowl of rice (starch) contains 300 calories, while a bowl of lentils (legume) contains 150, and a bowl of spinach (vegetables) contains 40. To reduce the energy in your meals, reduce a little from starchy foods, and increase the share of vegetables / legumes. No need to overdo it, but now this change in your habits.

Also increase the amount of protein you eat every day. It is very healthy to eat protein, as it does not fall into the excess (as in all). For example, you can eat a protein with each main meal (lunch and dinner) without any risk to your health. Choose from: egg, meat (preferably white), fish, or dairy. Protein helps to feel satisfied.

Fats are also very good for health and also help them feel satisfied. Eat good fats (fatty fish, uncooked vegetable oils) and fewer “bad” fats are not harmful but less good for your health (red meat, animal fat in general). Do not fall into the trap of not eat any fatty food: it does not work. Just stay reasonable.


Despite plans to lose weight and exercises to lose weight, it is possible that the mirror is relentless; a photo in a swimsuit does not give the result you were hoping to see. If you do not manage to reduce stomach fat, before resorting to liposuction, this homemade recipe for a slimming cream can be the ideal solution to reduce abdominal fat. Try and see.

If you have extra pounds, it is best that you opted for homemade remedies for weight loss, among them you will find great ideas for infusions and juices to lose weight, but also food, plants and fruit that will help you to lose weight. Not to regressed, do not give up the exercises recommended, however, if it continues, if the belly fat will not melt, try this homemade recipe slimming.
Homemade recipe for slimming cream
1 tablespoon white iodine for external use
Body cream sufficiently consistent

Added to the flask body cream iodine and mix until smooth texture.

Apply this simplistic cream before bed, on the area you wish thin.
Wraps the area with a cloth and let stand for overnight.






The weight gain is more complex than previously believed, researchers are discovering more and more every day. The brain plays a major role, as well as exposure to chemicals we use every day. Here’s how you can take advantage of the most recent discoveries.
Even in the eyes a health conscious person, a slice of chocolate cake may seem irresistible. Why do we sometimes give in to temptation in spite of common sense? This is the question that everyone is asking.

Researchers at the Neurological Institute of Montreal may have pinpointed a possible cause: as soon as we have before us an appetizing, prepare a stomach hormone, which sends the brain a powerful message that we need to consume in the second.
Research on the causes of overweight is currently booming, and this discovery does that confirm the importance. “We are just beginning to make us realize how obesity is a complex problem,”
discover the causes of what makes us gain weight and prevents us from losing, faster treatment is found to cure obesity or simply a solution for losing a few pounds you will discover.

Meanwhile, slimming treatments caloric restriction and exercise are the best weapons in the fight against overweight. This should not prevent you to take advantage of some of the most amazing discoveries.
Weight loss treatment by caloric restriction and exercise are the best weapons in the fight against overweight. This should not prevent you to take advantage of some of the most amazing discoveries.

Automatically, most people assume that exercise is the best way to lose belly fat. What they do not seem to understand is that exercise alone is not enough, and it takes approximately forever to see results. The main problem with belly fat is that it tends to be just where you want to build; especially when you eat foods is starch or sugars.

images (30)

What you will learn “How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days” is a technique for natural weight loss that can free your body have fat burning abilities and help you get rid of belly fat problem permanently.

First, answer this question: what will happen if it was possible to lose belly fat in 10 days by eating more, not less. Yes, it sounds ridiculous and impossible, but it is not a joke. Using a special technique diet called “calorie shifting” is possible! What, you ask, calorie changing? In simple terms, it is a method of changing your eating habits in some way to weight loss effect.

In short, you’ll eat four or more meals per day, ensuring that each meal significantly different calorie values, and pass the time you eat each day. This type of change in eating pattern literally tricks your body by increasing metabolism and the rate at which you burn fat!

When this happens, the body areas containing starting more fat burning away. This method of fat loss is much more efficient and less complicated than traditional diets and exercise programs to lose belly fat. Why, you ask?

Moving calorie helps your body make the most of its own metabolism to work attack belly fat and all other areas where excess fat is hiding, get rid of it quickly. Calorie shifting is not really a “diet”, it is actually a process, a different style of eating. Unlike diets, you can eat whatever you want and never starve yourself.
Since you are not hungry or you have a decrease your favorite foods, you hardly notice what is happening until you look down and realize that you lack some serious fat! This technique works while you sleep, while you eat, and while you go about your everyday life. This is ideal for those who have too much to do and not enough time to devote to specialized methods and intense exercise regimes. In less than ten days, you will see dramatic results.

The problem is that if you want to lose belly fat quickly and efficiently, there are no simple, quick and easy solutions. Everyone has a different body and every individual will need a quite different approach to achieve its objectives, that is to say slim belly as quickly and efficiently as possible.
That being said, there are some general rules to follow to lose belly fat quickly, you are a man or a woman, athlete or not, big or small, etc…
Here are three rules that I consider crucial for anyone wishing to lose weight quickly and effectively of the belly:


1 – Eat plenty of fruits
You’ve heard, you have to eat “five fruits or vegetables a day.” In fact, if you want to slim of the belly really quickly and permanently, you’d better eat more than 5 per day! I often recommend 10 servings a day because it is doable if you are serious and really want to lose weight quickly and well the tummy while having consequences for impressive results on your body. Try doing that for two weeks and see the difference on your energy, your body, your belly. See how you become a more attractive person, and how more and more people look at you in the street. Find the numbers on the scale as well. See how your belly slimmed a record speed. In short, eat more fruit and you will lose stomach very quickly and efficiently, whether you are a sportsman or not, man or woman.

2 – Drink lots of water
Your body is made to 70% of water. Your needs a lot of water to function properly, and if your body is not functioning optimally, it begins to catch diseases and store fat because their metabolism is slowed. The majority of the current population is dehydrated. Most people do not drink enough water and this is largely the reason why most people are over-weight. If you want to slim the stomach quickly and well, drink more water.

3 – Get plenty of sleep
Most people do not drink enough water, but do not sleep enough. The less you sleep, the more you store fat and you get fat of the belly, because your metabolism needs a big dose of sleep to function well. In addition, when you’re sleep deprived, you feel bad, and you compensate by eating more unhealthy foods that typically will make you fat (sweets, cola, chips, or food and fatty foods which grow rapidly). So if you want to lose weight quickly and well stomach, sleep more.